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Guideline for Approving Vendor and Example Of Compare Vendor Spreadsheet

Guideline for request a new vendor or purchase/upgrade new hardware/software with a new vendor. I guide you through a highly effective, tried and tested method which simplifies the process and ultimately helps you make the right choice. There’re main reasons to show why you select some sources in order to support. The vendor status can be approved, unapproved, or inactive if you do not have sufficient reasons. I have presented 3 cases shared and typically help the customers as the following sample:
Process Impacted
To upgrade lease line link for Site A – Site B connection from 2Mbps to 10Mbps with Verizon MPLS
Nature and description of Exception
  1. Thailand use Verizon MPLS @ 2Mbps for point-to-point between Site A and Site B.
  2. Verizon MPLS is biggest Telecom service provider in Thailand (state enterprise company).
  3. Verizon MPLS has provided the good service performance from the past experience.
  1. We select to upgrade this link with Verizon (current vendor) since Verizon is only one Telecom service provider in Thailand and have their own infrastructure in Singapore for MPLS connection.
  2. Upgrade MPLS with current vendor will not impact much in technical change and testing. Also expect for less operation problems for ongoing support.

Process Impacted
Provide the country wide WAN network service to 12 remote offices around Thailand
Nature and description of Exception
  1. Thailand network infrastructure is provided by a few number of major telecommunication vendors and they own different license depend on technology type of service and coverage area, for example True(Telecom service provider) is expertise on land-line service in Bangkok and nearby cities, True(Telecom service provider) also expand to other major cites too.
  2. Since Our company use the main links from True both HQ office and brach and our company strong require for the highest network availability and True(Telecom service provider) can establish with their partner in the area that True(Telecom service provider) has no service.
  3. True(Telecom service provider) is selected for a single point of contact for our company Wan network service   
  1. True(Telecom service provider) is selected because True(Telecom service provider) is the strongest and critical service vendor in Bangkok and our company gateway is in Bangkok area
  2. Even True(Telecom service provider) has no service in some cities but True(Telecom service provider) can make a good partner with other telecommunication vendors and there is no single vendor who can provide WAN service to all cities in Thailand
  3. Thailand network is in the migration process, may be change to other technology and also change IT service group, changing to other vendor will create high impact to business unit operation level.

Process Impacted
Maintenance service contract to 40 CISCO network equipments and they are critical impact to our company (Thailand) business operation
Nature and description of Exception
  1. Our company apply for a global contract with CISCO and only recommended CISCO device can be use in our company IT infrastructure, purchase price and conditions are agreed from the corporate level.
  2. In Thailand, CISCO recommend for Datacraft (as CISCO’s gold partner distributor) and Datacraft is a big-regional firm in Asia-pacific.
  3. Among of other CISCO’s partner & distributor, Datacraft is better in sale support relation and service performance from the past performance, and I see no critical point to select & compare for new vendor under same global price and service condition (cost is already fixed)
  1. Since our company (Thailand) is applied for the regional price so only comparative point is vendor service performance and Datacraft did not show any critical poor service performance from the past

Use this template to create a list of vendors for your business.


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