Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to plan LAN/WAN Network Refresh Project: End-of-Life equipment

Basic requirements: Framing, Value Drivers, Deliverables, Definition of Success and Project plan phase 1-5 for example
Network Refresh Project
Network Refresh Framing Document
  • Domestic sites with end of life equipment 
    • LAN edge switches
    • WAN routers
    • Equipment that has been in service for 5-7 years
    • Backup power supplies
  • Telecom closet assessment/audit
  • Power over Ethernet capabilities
  • Sites with appropriate infrastructure to support power requirements
  • Deployment of a standard architecture across all sites including equipment and protocols
  • Compliance with security standards
  • Removal of end of life equipment
  • Self containing rack units for sites without a telecom closet
  • Capitalized labor for remote offices that cannot be serviced by field team
Network Refresh Value Drivers
  • Reliability of the infrastructure supporting business critical applications and processes.
    • Reduced network downtime
    • Reduced MTTR
    • Increased redundancy
    • Decreased latency, higher bandwidth
  • Increased consistency and standardization of the WAN/LAN network.
    • Reduced cost of operating infrastructure
    • Reduced variance/variability in network infrastructure
  • Network readiness and scalability to support future IT initiatives and business needs
    • Video Conferencing, IPT, PoE support
  • Cost Avoidance/Savings
    • Mitigation of costs associated with increased equipment failures
    • Reduction in hardware and maintenance costs
    • Consolidation of hardware
  • Alignment with Enterprise Architecture roadmap 
Key Business Deliverables
  • Network Infrastructure – Upgraded LAN switches with PoE capability 
  • Increased bandwidth – Ability to accommodate additional traffic and support applications such as IPT and Video Conferencing.
  • Higher reliability/redundancy – Reduction of downtime and business incidents related to the LAN infrastructure
  • PoE capabilities – Ability to support IPT infrastructure
  • Reduced complexity of the LAN infrastructure – Reduction in overall cost of maintaining the LAN environment
Definition of Success
Vision of Success:  What does success look like with the Future/Desired state?
Full replacement of all End of Support Network switches and routers, resulting in a more reliable and supportable network, that is prepared to meet the future business and IT needs of the company.
Critical Success Factors:  What factors will ensure that the vision of success is met?
  • Incident Free deployments (No Business/Safety Incidents as a result of swapping out equipment.)
  • Project Schedule and Milestones completed on time.
  • Project completed within budget.
  • Infrastructure in Telecom closets is capable of supporting the new devices.
Success Metrics
  • Results:  Project completed on schedule, within budget, and resulting in a more reliable and supportable network.  
  • Business Incident Avoidance:
  • Financial Measures:

Phase 1
  • Gather information about the current network and understand business constraints 
Phase 2
  • Identify, Develop, and Select Alternatives:
  • Identified alternatives
  • Gather pricing on each alternative
  • Conduct Technical Reviews of each alternative
  • Develop selection criteria and weights to select an alternative
  • Complete high level design 
  • Complete the business requirement with project team and stakeholder
  • Design VLAN
  • Design IP Address For LAN, Server, Network Device, etc…
  • Design and support documentation 
  • Request approval to implement the system
Phase 4
  • Wire Fiber Optic Cable, Wire CAT6 LAN Cable
  • Install Network Device, Install Set Up Network Device
  • Testing & Tuning system, Install Monitoring tool
Phase 5
  • Review development, implementation and benefits of the LAN improvement project.
  • Training, Documentation, 
Close out project: Let's plan....


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