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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cisco Icons ~ Network Diagram Example

Cisco Icons ~ Network Diagram Example. Having been the network business a long time, I would like to pass on a few pointers that I have learned over the years. When drawing a network diagram, think about whether it makes sense to draw a logical or a physical diagram. I would say 90% of the time, a logical diagram is more useful than a physical diagram and I used these icons for drawing diagram network as standard practice. It looks PROFESSIONAL for any organization even it's SME or large size business.

I have attached an example of a logical network drawing as I did for Giant company.
Cisco Visio Stencils
Cisco Visio Stencils
Cisco Visio Stencils

Cisco Visio StencilsCisco Visio Stencils
Network Diagram Example
Cisco Visio Stencils
Cisco Visio Stencils
Cisco Visio Stencils
LAN Network Diagram
To download the Cisco conceptual Visio Stencils go here; Packet Icons Visio 1 Packet Icons Visio 2 Packet Icons Visio 3 Packet Icons Visio 4 Packet Icons Visio 5 Packet Icons Visio 6 Visio Stencils