Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cisco VoIP Networking Design/IP Telephony

Most of worldwide companies has begun using new telephone sets on a system based on VoIP, Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT), a method for sending voice over the data network instead of through a separate phone network.

This new technology, already adopted by a majority of Fortune 500 companies, offers numerous benefits in terms of cost savings, productivity increases and accommodation of future business growth. In the giant companies especially global companies, VoIP [IP Telephony] is expected to provide a solution to many current telephony challenges including; capacity limitations, voicemail reliability issues, aging equipment and increasing scarcity of vendor expertise in earlier technologies like PBX.

I would like to show you the VoIP system as a diagram that would be benefit for your business.

Use the mouse over the icon (SAP, Mail, Internet, other..) then click you will see the packet flow or download file

IP Phone
The previous diagram illustrates the digital-to-digital scenario
IP Phone
The previous diagram illustrates the digital-to-analog scenario
Conference call
VoIP Design
An end-to-end simple VoIP network architecture

You can use it to adapt with your companies in order to gain more utilization in term of current technology as much as you can

Download Sample Enterprise Network Diagram with FLASH PRESENTATION here CiscoVoiceTraffic


I believe all small business should have business phone service. If you are one or two employee company or in business where all your staff is on the road, then you don't really need a business line. Just get a Toll Free number and it will work on top of your staff personal cell phones. When they receive a call, it will indicate that it is a business call on their call display so they can answer it professionally. All your staff can have their own professional voicemail system. You can monitor how many calls are answered and missed. I have been usingbusiness phone service from telcan. Check them out at: Check out Check out Hosted Pbx

It is a good move and will help all expats make calls to their home countries. Hope the internet cafes can get this service so that they will not opt for any illegal VOIPs in future. I just want to inform everyone to a new web site called VoIP Spear ( to measure your QoS. It's the Internet's best and most accessible QoS testing service.

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