Monday, January 30, 2012

Cisco - IOS Tutorial

       Long time ago before I attend my CCNA in Bangkok, I have no idea how those Network Administrator/IT Engineer configure Cisco router and switch. Just know they have good knowledge on the cisco coding.
       While configure a cisco router, there are few kind of mode can be use:
1.User Mode
2.Priviledge Mode
3.Config Mode
4.Interface Mode
5.line mode

Cisco Router Basic Configuration Need:
1.Password + Secret
3.Interface (IP and subnet mask, no shut, and clock rate)
4.Line configuration

All this routing require different command for different protocol. To learn how to use the cisco router command from below lab...

       The above code are just a very basic configuration for cisco router, there are more advance configuration need for routing purpose such as static routes, default routes and dynamic routes. Within dynamic routes, there are also RIP Routes (Routing Information Protocol), IGRP Routes (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) OSPF Routes (Open Shortest Path First) and EIGRP Routes (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)
Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing


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